BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode

BAC-L21 Test Point FRP Bypass Remove by EDL Mode

BAC-L21 Test Point,

This is Nova 2 Plus phone of  Huawei


We Used Sigma key for Bypass FRP this Reference Tutorial

What is EDL Mode:

EDL or Emergency Download Mode follows a specific set of known as the Sahara or Firehose protocol for forcing write the firmware in the Smartphone. in This mode in which free of Fastboot or Bootloader mode. EDL mode uses for if your device cannot access those modes, in this most hard-bricked devices cannot access, it is not a Problem. The EDL Mode is free of both these modes as this is exsist in the Primary Bootloader interface.

Qualcomm Devices Boot in  EDL Mode:

  • To Enter in EDL Mode most devices needs to Press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down Keys while Inserting the USB Cable in The Device
  • Some other Devices like Huawei Xiaomi devices Needs to disassemble device and make some Test Point while inserting USB Cable
  • If your device is in Working Condition than you can do it by Enabling USB Debugging mode with Computer the command is below , adb reboot bootloader

Once your device is connected in EDL mode to your Computer Device  Manager will recognized as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008.

Test Point For EDL Mode


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